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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Hanabi still stronger than Hinata?

Compared to Hinata's strength, is a lot weaker. Because Hinata Fusion is Kami's Servant, strength is already very terrifying, even if Otsutsuki Kaguya comes, it can be defeated. It can be said. The current Hinata is Hinata, the strength is terrifying. However, Naruto was still worried about Hinata, so he took out a new ...

Who is Hinata Hyuga's sister?

Hinata 's sister , Hanabi , was projected to contain more potential as a child, and was ultimately perceived to be the eventual Hyuga class heiress. Traditionally, the eldest child would always inherit the role of heiress, but Hanabi showed a potential so strong that she was threatening Hinata 's eventual rule.

Is Hinata a part of the hygua clan?

Hinata is the eldest descendants of the main house of the Hyuga clan. Supposedly, this means that Hinata is a very important part of the Hyuga clan but signs of specialty was only shown during flashbacks. Neji Hyuga is a cousin of Hinata, being the son of Hinata's father's twin brother.

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