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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Hanabi?

A very interesting hanabi is the senkou hanabi a stick about 20 centimeters long like an incense burner. With it you can watch the firework without any danger and in your own home. You can purchase it at a konbini. There was a time in Japan when fireworks were banned.

What is Sendai Tanabata Matsuri?

Sendai Tanabata Matsuri is one the most exciting events which visitors can enjoy during the summer months in Tohoku. The legendary festive atmosphere draws visitors from all over Japan as well as a growing number of foreign tourists. Thousands of colorful streamers, which resemble brightly colored forests, decorate the town center.

What is Nebuta Matsuri?

Nebuta Matsuri, held in the northern prefecture of Aomori, is one of Japan’s most visually striking festivals. During the Nebuta Matsuri, the streets of Aomori City come alive with breathtakingly vibrant lantern floats, which can take up to a year to build.

What are matsuri days in Japan?

In Japan, festivals are usually sponsored by a local shrine or temple, though they can be secular. There are no specific matsuri days for all of Japan; dates vary from area to area, and even within a specific area, but festival days do tend to cluster around traditional holidays such as Setsubun or Obon.

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