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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Hanabi hibachi and sushi offer takeout services?

Yes, Hanabi Hibachi and Sushi offers takeout services. How is Hanabi Hibachi and Sushi rated?

Is Hanabi a good place to eat in Denton?

Recently open Hanabi is already a hit in Denton. The parking lot is always full when you drive by. Friends and family had already tried it and said it was good. I recently went with my daughter and the place was packed. The staff were... friendly and attentive to our needs.

Does Hanabi Ramen-Denton take credit cards?

Hanabi Ramen - Denton accepts credit cards. How is Hanabi Ramen - Denton rated? Hanabi Ramen - Denton has 4 stars. What days are Hanabi Ramen - Denton open?

Is it time to find a new Hibachi in Fort Worth?

It may be time to find a new hibachi in Fort Worth Good food, but dirty and unsanitary One worker did not wash his hands after using bathroom. The chick fried rice is very tasty.

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