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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the meaning of Haver?

2. haver (from Hebrew) friend; comrade; companion. "It is held that valor is the chiefest virtue, and most dignifies the haver." - William Shakespeare (1564– 1616 ), British dramatist, poet. Cominius, in Coriolanus, act 2, sc. 2, l. 83-5. Praising Coriolanus for his courage in battle Get the haver neck gaiter and mug.

Why choose Haver&Boecker?

Haver & Boecker is a global leader in bagging equipment, liquid fillers, palletizers and material handling.

What is Haver DLX used for?

Haver DLX. Haver DLX is a complete set of integrated software for maintaining up-to-the second data, viewing and manipulating the data for detailed analysis, and tools that allow the data to be used in a variety of econometric packages.

Who is Geoff Haver?

Geoff Haver Named Vice President of Construction Division at New Day Underwriting Managers This so-called ballgown facade in The Hague features 12 square metres of wire cloth from HaverArchitectural Wire Cloth. Rob Gregory dons his clad rags and hits the town

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