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Frequently Asked Questions

Is HD Supply owned by Home Depot?

HD Supply, of which Home Depot still owns 12.5%, is a construction materials wholesaler that plays on the housing recovery and public works projects.

Who bought HD Supply?

History. Home Depot, after changing CEO's from Bob Nardelli to Frank Blake, decided to sell HD Supply, in order to raise capital to repurchase Home Depot stock and shore up the stock price. In 2007 the company was purchased by private equity firms Bain Capital LLC; The Carlyle Group; and Clayton, Dubilier & Rice and continued as HD Supply. On...

Is HD Supply related to Home Depot?

HD Supply Holdings, formerly part of Home Depot (HD), is the latest company with ties to the housing sector that plans to offer stock, according to a filing with SEC. Private equity firms Bain Capital Partners, Carlyle Group and Clayton, Dubilier & Rice, are HD Supply's primary owners. Home Depot has kept a stake of 12.5%.

Where is the headquarters for HD Supply?

HD Supply is a distributor of electrical, lighting items, plumbing and other industrial products. HD Supply was founded in 1974. HD Supply's headquarters is located in Atlanta, Georgia, USA 30339. It has raised 957.4M in 1 round.

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