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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find radiology and imaging services?

If you’re in need of radiology and imaging services, turn to the trusted team of Health Images. No matter which location you decide to work with, you’ll find the same excellent services and patient care. Once you’re ready to make an appointment at one of our offices, select an individual medical imaging center for more information.

Why choose our medical imaging services?

We hand-picked our staff to cater to each patient’s needs and requirements, making us a leading choice when it comes to medical imaging. Our diverse and skilled health imaging professionals at each location are dedicated to providing the best experience for our patients.

Where is women's imaging available?

Our brand new facility dedicated to women’s imaging is now open in Boulder! We share five quick and easy methods you can employ to help you feel calmer during an MRI scan. As we continue to offer more convenient locations, our unmistakable quality and spectacular service is now available in Fort Collins, Colorado!

What services does health images offer?

No matter your age, condition or level of need, Health Images can provide exceptional radiology imaging services. We're revolutionizing the field by offering cutting-edge technological advances with our own patient-centric approach. Depending on which Health Images location you visit, you will find the following services:

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