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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the uses of heat?

Heat is the kinetic energy of vibrating molecules. Aside from the obvious uses like cooking food and heating our homes, it is also the source of energy for most of the electricity produced on earth. Whether the power plant runs on fossil fuels, biomass or nuclear fuel, the goal is to boil water to run a steam turbine.

What is associated with heat?

Well into the mid-19th century, the most accepted notion of heat was one that associated it with a fluid known as caloric. Noted chemist Antoine Lavoisier reasoned that there were two forms of caloric - the kind that was latent or stored in combustible materials and the kind that was sensible and observable through a temperature change.

What moves from hot to cold?

Hot objects have heat energy. Heat energy always moves from something hot to something colder. There is no such thing as cold energy, so an object can only get colder by heat energy moving away from it. There are three ways that heat energy can move: Conduction. Convection. Radiation.

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