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Frequently Asked Questions

What ingredients do you need to make salmon patties?

Next you’ll add fresh ingredients like dill, parsley, green onions and lemon, and some binders like breadcrumbs, egg and mayonnaise. All of these things mix together and for a delicious blend of flavors that enhance the salmon patties.

What herbs go well with salmon?

Salmon is a fantastic fish that pairs really well with so many herbs. The best herbs to use on salmon are parsley, dill, basil, tarragon, sage, rosemary, bay leaves, thyme, cilantro and fennel. Be creative, experiment with herbs to make delicious salmon fillet dishes!

What can I use instead of breadcrumbs for salmon patties?

Breadcrumbs give a more tender texture than salmon patties with flour (which I find too dense). If you don’t have breadcrumbs, you can make your own with extra pieces of day-old bread or swap them for an equal amount of finely ground whole wheat cracker crumbs. Avoid saltine crackers. Panko bread crumbs or cornmeal might work here too.

What is the best garnish for salmon?

This herb is commonly used as a garnish, but can also lend its character to salmon. You can use fresh parsley to sprinkle over your cooked salmon. You can also use the dried flakes such as Simply Organic Parsley Flakes to rub your salmon before cooking for a subtler taste. These are flat leaves from flowering parsley plants.

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