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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the Human Resources Department do at Hillsdale?

The human resources department serves the College by helping first with the recruitment, hiring, and on-boarding of staff. Furthermore, it lends support and assistance to the Hillsdale College faculty and staff. Devoted to the mission and well-being of the College, it strives to deliver exceptional service to the College and its employees.

Does Hillsdale hospital accept applications for positions not listed on resume?

Applications for positions not listed will be discarded. Hillsdale Hospital always accepts applications for Registered Nurses (Current Michigan RN License required upon application). The Human Resources Department (HR) functions as a strategic business partner, employee advocate and administrator.

What does the Human Resources Department do at hopehillsdale?

Hillsdale Hospital’s Human Resources department is committed to recruiting and retaining qualified, personable individuals who will provide excellent health care to our patients.

What is Hillsdale hospital doing to ensure patient safety?

Ensuring patient safety, as well as employee safety, in our hospital is a top priority for Hillsdale Hospital. Minimizing the transmission of infections between health care personnel and patients is a major part of this effort.

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