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Frequently Asked Questions

Who painted the mural the history of Mexico?

On returning to Mexico, Rivera painted his first important mural, Creation, for the Bolívar Auditorium of the National Preparatory School in Mexico City. In 1923 he began painting the walls of the Ministry of Public Education building in Mexico City, working in fresco and completing the commission in 1930.

Why was the muralist movement important to Mexico?

The Mexican revolution played an important role in motivating Mexican artists to restore their culture and to teach their people . The objective of the early mural movement in Mexico was to create an understanding of the history of Mexico in order for the citizens to unite and at the same time to understand since many of them were illiterate.

What artist painted the history of Mexico?

Mexican artist Diego Rivera responded to this question when he painted The History of Mexico, as a series of murals that span three large walls within a grand stairwell of the National Palace in Mexico City.

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