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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the 'logical fallacies' of history?

Here are some of the most common 'logical fallacies' in history. Nationalism. As we have seen, every government is keen to be the custodian of the past, and present history in such a way that their position is strengthened. This is the case even in the most benign of nations, as well as the most iniquitous.

What are historical fallacies?

Historical fallacy. The historical fallacy is a logical fallacy originally described by philosopher John Dewey in The Psychological Review in 1896. Most simply put, the fallacy occurs when a person reads into a process the results that occur only because of that process.

What are the types of fallacies?

All types of fallacy attempt to assert the truth of a statement on the basis of an illogical assumption. The most common types of fallacy include, but are not limited to, the appeal to authority, the argument from ignorance, fallacy of composition, and the correlation implies causation fallacy.

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