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Was William Foote a sincere amateur historian?

I think Foote was a sincere amateur historian, but the combination of the time and place he grew up and his lack of formal training meant he simply could never really shake the Lost Cause mentality. ReplyLink Joyce HarrisonAug 9, 2017 @ 4:49

What did Shelby Foote write?

Shelby Dade Foote Jr. (November 17, 1916 – June 27, 2005) was an American historian and novelist who wrote The Civil War: A Narrative, a three-volume history of the American Civil War. With geographic and cultural roots in the Mississippi Delta, Foote's life and writing paralleled the radical shift from...

How much of his life did Foote give to the Civil War?

However, Foote "gave twenty years of his life, and three volumes of important and significant words to the Civil War, but he could never see himself in the slave. He could not get that the promise of free bread can not cope with the promise of free hands.

Who is John Foote?

Foote was elected to the American Academy of Arts and Letters in 1994. Also in 1994, Foote joined Protect Historic America and was instrumental in opposing a Disney theme park near battlefield sites in Virginia.

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