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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find a job in historical research?

Consulting: Large historical consulting firms include History Associates, The History Factory, and Historical Research Associates. The National Council on Public History maintains a searchable job listing. The Chronicle of Higher Education 's Vitae career hub includes a category for "jobs outside academe."

How do I find a job as a federal historian?

Also check the web sites of the federal agencies that hire historians, including the National Park Service, the Department of State Office of the Historian, and the Senate Historical Office . The Society for History in the Federal Government is a valuable resource for information and employment listings.

Where can I find information about employment opportunities for history PhDs?

You may order the print edition, or consult the online version. Beyond Academe offers history PhDs information about employment opportunities outside the academy. The Chronicle of Higher Education regularly publishes first-person articles by PhDs employed or seeking employment outside academe.

What are some good resources for starting a career in history?

Public History: Essays from the Field, James B. Gardner and Peter S. Lapaglia, eds. (2004), provides a useful introduction to the field. Directories maintained by professional associations can give you an idea of the range of employment opportunities open to the professional historian.

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