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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the job outlook for a historian?

Historian Employment Outlook. Most positions are available in federal, state and local government institutions. Opportunities will be best for those who can apply their research and analytical skills to other occupations, such as teaching, researching and writing.

How do I become a historian?

In order to become a historian, you must first go to college or a university and earn your bachelor’s degree in history, preferably with a focus on social sciences, anthropology, or language.

What are the jobs of a historian?

A historian is someone who studies and analyzes history, usually specializing in one particular time period. There are many different historian jobs at places ranging from museums and libraries and universities and government offices.

What are the responsibilities of a historian?

The primary role of a historian is to inform others, and to accomplish that task, the historian must be a narrator. Whether relating information to a corporate executive, writing a book, recording the facts surrounding a natural disaster for future generations or teaching, historians must present their information in an organized manner.

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