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Frequently Asked Questions

What does Ma'di mean?

Ma'di (pronounced [màɗí]) is a Central Sudanic language found in Uganda and South Sudan. It is one of the Moru–Madi languages.

What language do the Ma'di speak?

Ma'di language. It is one of the Moru–Madi languages. The Madi people refer to their language as Ma'di ti, literally "Ma'di mouth". The Ma'di people are found in Magwi County in South Sudan, and in Adjumani and Moyo districts in Uganda. Their population is about 390,000 (90,000 in South Sudan).

Where did the Ma'di people come from?

Ma’di oral history claims Nigeria as the cradle of Ma’di people – their place of origin. According to the one commonly told oral narrative, the Ma’di people left Nigeria, moved southward until they reached Amadi, a town in southwest Sudan, where they settled.

Did the Ma'di come from Bari?

Another commonly known narrative among Madi claims that some Ma’di groups came from Bari. That the Mugi descends from the Bari of Nyarabanga; the Arapi, Logopi, and Logili descend from Bari-Logo. That the Okei, Ngaya, Patibi and Pandikeri also descend from Bari.

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