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Frequently Asked Questions

How much money does a historian make?

Historians earn an average yearly salary of $63,680. Wages typically start from $29,760 and go up to $114,810. 3% above national average Updated in 2019.

How do I become a historian?

In order to become a historian, you must first go to college or a university and earn your bachelor’s degree in history, preferably with a focus on social sciences, anthropology, or language.

What is a salary history in relation to hiring staff?

What is Your Salary History? A salary history is a document that presents an employee's past earnings . Some employers ask job candidates to give them a salary history list when they apply for a job. Others may request it as part of the interview process when you are definitely in contention for the job. A salary history typically includes the name of each company, job title, and the salary and benefits package the candidate has received in the past.

What are the jobs of a historian?

A historian is someone who studies and analyzes history, usually specializing in one particular time period. There are many different historian jobs at places ranging from museums and libraries and universities and government offices.

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