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Frequently Asked Questions

What does historical mean?

The word "historical" refers to anything and everything that has happened in or is connected to the past, no matter its level of importance.

What are some historical events?

The word "historic" refers to any event, object, or place that is considered an important part of history. It is the more selective of the two terms. Anne Frank’s house, the life story of Cleopatra, and the first computer are historic.

What is the difference between historic and historical?

"Historic" and "historical" are easy to confuse because they both relate to the past. However, there is a difference between the two words. Historic means "having importance in history." Landing on the Moon was a historic moment. Historical means "from the past" or "relating to history."

What is a historical fiction?

2. based on or suggested by history or documented material from the past: a historical novel. 3. having once existed or lived, as opposed to being part of legend, fiction, or religious belief: a study of the historical Jesus. 4. narrated or mentioned in history; belonging to the past.

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