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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the historical skills in history?

The historical skills of comprehension, chronology, terms and concepts; analysis and use of sources; perspectives and interpretations; empathetic interpretation, research and explanation and communication are described for each stage of learning in the history K-10 syllabus.

What are historical thinking skills and why are they important?

Historical thinking skills help historians and other professionals make meaningful conclusions about past events and their effects on the present. By reviewing common historical thinking skills, you can determine key areas to improve and enhance your professional qualifications.

How many historical thinking skills are there in AP World History?

This AP® World History review will outline and discuss the nine historical thinking skills that are central to the study and practice of history. We will then discuss the five most important of those skills needed to excel on the exam.

What is historical knowledge and understanding?

Historical knowledge and understanding requires mastery of the procedures, tools and methods of thinking that constitutes the discipline of history. Shape of the Australian Curriculum: History (page 6) History is a specific discipline with its own methods and procedures.

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