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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the historical skills in history?

The historical skills of comprehension, chronology, terms and concepts; analysis and use of sources; perspectives and interpretations; empathetic interpretation, research and explanation and communication are described for each stage of learning in the history K-10 syllabus.

What is the best way to study history?

Examine the syllabus descriptions of historical concepts and consider the importance of the continuum of learning to the study of history. Historical skills Examine the development of the historical skills strand of the syllabus. Historical concepts, skills and Quality Teaching

How do I acquire a knowledge and understanding of history?

To acquire a knowledge and understanding of history, skills associated with the identification, comprehension and interpretation of sources, use of chronology, and research and communication need to be developed. Historical skills are developed through a process of historical inquiry. (Shape of the Australian Curriculum: History page 7)

What skills do students need to write a history essay?

Students should be able to identify how events take place over time. Students should be able to use chronology in writing their own histories. Students should be able to interpret data presented in time lines. Students should be able to analyze patterns of historical duration or continuity as well as to recognize historical change.

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