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Frequently Asked Questions

Which hitches are made in the USA?

CURT is one of the leading trailer hitch manufacturers in the towing industry. All CURT custom receiver hitches are made in the USA, meaning they are engineered, fabricated, welded, finished, tested and finally shipped out from our headquarters in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. From design to finish, we do everything here on American soil because we believe in providing products of the utmost quality for our customers.

What is the meaning of 'hitches'?

hitch. ( hɪtʃ) vb. 1. (Knots) to fasten or become fastened with a knot or tie, esp temporarily. 2. ( often foll by up) to connect (a horse, team, etc); harness. 3. (often foll by: up) to pull up (the trousers, a skirt, etc) with a quick jerk. 4. ( intr) chiefly US to move in a halting manner: to hitch along.

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