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Frequently Asked Questions

Was Alfred Hitchcock married to Alma Reville?

Alma Reville (1899–1982) Alma Reville was born on August 14, 1899 in Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England as Alma Lucy Reville. She is known for her work on Shadow of a Doubt (1943), Suspicion (1941) and The Lady Vanishes (1938). She was married to Alfred Hitchcock.

How did Reville meet Hitchcock?

Most biographical entries on Reville start with her meeting Hitchcock while he worked as a graphic designer alongside her work in editing, continuity and writing at the British-based American motion picture company Paramount’s Famous Players-Lasky. He’d give her an editing and continuity role on the first film he assistant directed Woman To Woman.

Who was Alfred Hitchcock’s female collaborator?

Next time you watch, I ask you to consider his often overlooked, but arguably most important female collaborator: Alma Reville. Alma Reville was working in the movies when Alfred Hitchcock and the film medium were still finding themselves.

Does Alma Reville’s influence exonerate Hitchcock?

The influence of Alma Reville doesn’t exonerate Hitchcock, but it does complicate a darkened legacy and provide something different to hold onto when appreciating their films. Sign up for updates from Hollywood Suite on new movies, viewing recommendations, contests and events!

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