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Frequently Asked Questions

What does having a hitchhiker's thumb mean?

Hitchhiker's thumb is a genetic condition that causes a person to bend his or her thumbs backwards while stretching. It is also known as distal hyperextensibility 1. The thumb consists of a distal joint which keep the thumb in a straight line. As the distal joint extends, it enables you to bend the thumb backwards leading to hitchhiker's thumb.

Is hitchhikers thumb a gesture?

While the thumb remains a recognized symbol of hitchhiking well outside the United States, there are some places where hitchhikers would be advised to use an alternative gesture .

What are the different types of thumbs?

There are primarily two different kinds of thumbs, the ‘supple jointed,’ describing an exceptionally flexible kind of thumb and the firm, stiff thumb. The ‘supple jointed’ thumb describes a person who is capable of being flexible in random situations even if there is a fear of how things will end up in the end.

What is a hitch hickers thumb?

Extension of the thumb is sometimes called the hitchhike sign. The hitchhike sign is used in two conditions to identify a problem: radial nerve or posterior interosseous nerve palsy and diastrophic dwarfism. ... The fracture may cause injury to the radial nerve which results in paralysis of the wrist and finger extensors. More items...

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