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Frequently Asked Questions

How many Hitman games are there?

The series started with 2000's Hitman: Codename 47, and has featured eight main games in total, the most recent being Hitman 3, released January 2021.

Will there be a hitman 4?

While IO Interactive hasn't announced its plans for Hitman 4 yet, the developer has assured fans that the franchise isn't concluding any time soon. There's tons of potential to push the game's universe even further based on how the latest installment ended, but Hitman 3 will be the last Hitman game for a while.

Is Hitman free?

Play the beginning of HITMAN for free and become the master assassin. The first location in the game is a secret training facility, where players step into the shoes of Agent 47 for the very first time and must learn what it takes to become an agent for the International Contract Agency.

Is Hitman multiplayer?

Hitman: Absolution features asynchronous multiplayer, according to an announcement from IO Interactive at gamescom. Called Contracts, players can create their own scenarios, can pick out three characters on a level, choose the weapons, and challenge other players to “contract”.

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