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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the six-speed manual transmission still available on the Honda Accord?

One of our favorite aspects of the excellent Honda Accord sedan is no more. Honda confirmed with Automobile, that the Accord's available six-speed manual transmission has been discontinued, the decision highlighted at the end of Honda's press materials for 2021.

How much power does a Honda Accord have?

The V-6, six-speed-manual version you see here is the family’s edge case, with 278 horsepower and a plethora of new, nonfunctional gashes in each bumper. Power is unchanged compared with the last Accord coupe we tested (a 2013 model), and the cars weigh within six pounds of one another.

Does the Honda Accord have a stick-shift option?

To that end, the Accord officially loses its stick-shift option, according to a document Honda sent Roadshow on Friday. Honda says it stopped building manual transmission-equipped Accords last December; the models accounted for less than 2% of overall sales.

Is the Honda Accord coupe a numbers car?

Unlike a Ford Mustang or a Chevrolet Camaro, the Accord coupe isn’t a numbers car. No one will be impressed by the Honda’s performance stats, but anyone can jump into this car and take up a quick pace. In spite of the Accord’s extremely front-biased weight distribution, the nose never feels heavy, a sensation aided by the light steering.

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