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Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Honda Accord have a manual transmission?

A six-speed manual transmission was previously a no-cost option for Sport models with either the 192-hp 1.5-liter engine or the 252-hp 2.0-liter engine. But Honda says the manual made up only around 1 to 2 percent of Accord sales, explaining why the company gave up on trying to #SaveTheManuals in the mid-size sedan segment.

How much power does a Honda Accord have?

The V-6, six-speed-manual version you see here is the family’s edge case, with 278 horsepower and a plethora of new, nonfunctional gashes in each bumper. Power is unchanged compared with the last Accord coupe we tested (a 2013 model), and the cars weigh within six pounds of one another.

What kind of V6 does an Accord coupe have?

But the numbers and the driving experience help restore some sanity to the assertion. In EX-L V6 6MT trim, the Accord Coupe features the mighty J35Y3 V6. Dyno testing of a brand-new unit by the folks at Temple of VTEC suggests that its rated output of 270hp is conservative by thirty ponies or so.

Is the Honda Accord Coupe front-wheel drive?

As a performance machine, the deck is stacked against the Accord coupe. Its specifications include front-wheel drive, a large 107.3-inch wheelbase, and more than 61 percent of its mass riding over its front axle. But the Accord coupe has long transcended its pigeonhole, and its cosmetic tweaks haven’t changed that.

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