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Frequently Asked Questions

What is im hourglass strategy?

IM Hourglass is a trading strategy that can be used in the binary market. It is a strategy offered by the IM mastery academy that has several trading academies where you can learn how to trade. Hourglass is accessible over the web browser which means you can access from PC or mobile phone where Internet access is available.

What is hourshourglass?

hourglass is a platform with market ideas giving you the option to find what style works best for you. each strategy is backed by education with golive sessions. what makes the strategy unique?

How can I access hourglass?

how can I access hourglass? 1. go to > "strategies" tab in the menu > "HFX academy" > hourglass how can I purchase hourglass? option 1. you must have a base package of either FRX, HFX or DCX academy for: as long as you have purchased a base package you can then purchase.. hourglass is a 1st tier add on of $22.95 what is hourglass?

How to use hourglass in HFX Academy?

1. go to > "strategies" tab in the menu > "HFX academy" > hourglass > "strategies" tab > hourglass 2. > "strategies" tab > hourglass

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