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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you calculate total hours worked?

Divide the total hours worked by all employees by the number of employees. For example, if 10 employees worked an aggregate of 18,200 hours, in a year you have 18,200 divided by 10, which equals 1,820.

How do you calculate hours and minutes worked?

Calculate Total Working Hours and Minutes Actual Hours Worked: To calculate actual time worked, you need to total the hours and minutes between your employee's starting and ending times for each work day. Example Timesheet. ... Rounding Hours Worked to Quarters: Federal law gives employers the option to calculate wages using actual hours worked and rounded hours worked.

How do you calculate daily work hours?

Multiply days by hours Determine how many hours your employees work each day, and do not count any unpaid time, such as lunch breaks. Assume that each employee works eight hours a day. Multiply the project's work days by a single employee's daily number of hours. In this example, 40 x 8 = 320.

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