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Frequently Asked Questions

What is UCT email login?

University of Cape Town UCT Email Login: All students at University of Cape Town UCT are provided with a personalized Email account (UCT Email Login) through Microsoft Office 365. You will receive the Email address upon registering for classes (NOT after submitting an application.)

How do I access my myuct email account?

You can access your Myuct Email account once the university has issued you with a student number, e.g., 86976546. Your student number is provided to you upon registration at UCT Step 2: In the top LEFT corner of the home page, click on UCT STUDENTS.

How do I use the UCT network?

Connect to the UCT network, the Internet and WiFi. UCT uses multiple communication channels – such as voice, video, and instant messaging. If you’re travelling, or working from home or another location, use these tools to stay productive.

How do I access OneDrive after I leave UCT?

Leave the password field blank and click Sign In . Enter your UCT student number and password in the respective fields and click Sign In . Click OneDrive to access your online storage. Once you leave UCT, you will no longer be able to access OneDrive. You will therefore need to move any data you had in this location to other storage.

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