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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I remove the toner cartridges from the imaging kit?

Open the top door. Remove the toner cartridges by lifting the handles, and then gently pulling them away from the imaging kit. Remove the right side cover. Press the green levers on each side of the waste toner bottle, and then remove the waste toner bottle.

What is the Lexmark cx510de MFP?

The network-ready Lexmark CX510de MFP with a color touch screen and a print speed as fast as 32 ppm with 2-sided printing lets you copy, scan and fax. Produce professional color in-house, on demand. With 1 GB of upgradable memory and a dual-core processor, you’ll print fast, too.

How do I add waste toner to my printer?

Insert the waste toner bottle. Insert the right side cover. Insert the toner cartridges. Slide and hold the release latch on the right side of the printer, and then slowly close the top door. Close the front door. Was this article helpful?

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