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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you play FNF?

Discuss Scratch 1 FNF is a 4-key rhythm game. Start with 4 keys and build your script up for control. 2 Build your beatmap. A good way to save beatmaps is to put them into lists or long variables. ... 3 Make player animations. Each time you hit a key right the player's look will change to a pose depends on what key you press. ... 4 Make NPCs. ...

Can I create a song in scratch using FNF?

Please share your project and point out any bugs you have with ‘FNF’. You…want to create a song in Scratch? Just convert the MV to .mp3 and upload it to a project. We could help you with specific parts of it, but we can't teach you how to make the whole game.

How do you make NPCs hit their notes?

Make NPCs. Basically they are the ones standing on the left side of the screen when you play, and they can hit their notes too. If you want them to miss sometimes, put a variable named “NPC.accuracy” and you know what to do next with it.

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