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Frequently Asked Questions

How to delete videos watched on Facebook?

Delete Videos Watched on Facebook 1 Log into your Facebook account. 2 Click the down arrow at the top right of any Facebook page, then choose "Activity Log". 3 From the left side, click the "MORE" link to expand more options. 4 In this step, click "Videos Watched". 5 Now, you should see a list of all your watched videos. See More....

How to check what videos you’ve watched on Facebook?

Step 1: Open the Facebook app and tap on the three-bar hamburger menu at the top-right corner. Then scroll down and tap on Settings & Privacy. Step 2: Tap on Settings. Scroll down and hit Activity Log. Step 3: From the Category drop-down box at the top, select Videos You’ve Watched.

How to delete YouTube watch history on Mac?

Step 2: From the left sidebar, click on More and select Videos you’ve watched from the list. Step 3: Click on Clear video watch history at the top to delete the history. You can also click on the Edit icon next to the individual video and select Delete from it.

How to turn off Facebook video notifications?

Click on Updates button to turn off notifications from that page or show. You can also click on the page or show directly from the left sidebar. Then click on the Notifications button to turn off notifications. Similar to every other platform, Facebook keeps track of all the videos that you have watched on it.

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