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Frequently Asked Questions

When should I unsubscribe my subscriptions in angular?

When you have an infinite sequence, you should unsubscribe (unless you have a special case), for example when using the interval () or the fromEvent () observables. ngrx/store and redux-angular select method returns an observable.

When to unsubscribe in angular?

When to Unsubscribe in Angular As you probably know when you subscribe to an observable or event in JavaScript, you usually need to unsubscribe at a certain point to release memory in the system. Otherwise, you will have a memory leak .

Why do we use observable in Angular 5?

What is the purpose of observable in Angular? Observables provide support for passing messages between parts of your application. They are used frequently in Angular and are a technique for event handling, asynchronous programming, and handling multiple values.

What is subscribe method in Angular 2?

subscribe is not an Angular2 thing. It’s a method that comes from rxjs library which Angular is using internally. If you can imagine yourself when subscribing to a newsletter and after subscribing, every time that there is a new newsletter, they will send it to your home (the method inside subscribe gets called).

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