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Frequently Asked Questions

How to link IEC with DGFT authentication?

While linking the IEC with DGFT authentication has to be made with DSC or Aadhar e-sign, however, for modification there could be requirement of DSC.It has to be noted that DSC for registering with IEC is different and DSC for availing the benefits under FTP is different as given below – 1.

Do you need to update your IEC details?

The Director-General of Foreign Trade (DGFT) has directed that all Import Export Code (IEC) holders are now legally required to update their IEC details every year from April to June online, even if there are no changes. An IEC shall be deactivated, if it is not updated within the prescribed time.

Where can I get the IEC code?

The IEC code can be obtained from the DGFT offices once you have met the requirements. It has a number of regional offices throughout the country. How to Apply for IEC? An application must be submitted electronically to the Regional Authority of the DGFT in the area where the company's office is registered, together with the relevant documentation.

Do I need to file a return with the DGFT?

No Filing of Return- because yonder are no recommended returns in the case of IEC, a return with the DGFT is not require. In first and second Chapters of the FTP, 2015-2020, IEC-related provisions are revised or deleted, and new provisions are included.

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