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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose Hoyt&Company for Henry Ford health systems?

Hoyt & Company has proudly been partnered with Henry Ford Health Systems for over 12 years now! We are honored to be a preferred vendor supplying all of HFHS with apparel, promotional items and more! Click the button above to check out HFHS very own website Don’t forget to check out main our Hoyt & Company site for all of our other services!

What is a Henry Ford Hospital magnet T-shirt?

Henry Ford Hospital Magnet T-Shirts! The Magnet Recognition Program® is the highest and only recognition of nursing excellence any hospital can obtain. Representing only 8% of all healthcare facilities, Henry Ford Hospital earned this prestigious international designation in March 2020 and have created a custom T-Shirts to Celebrate!

Will you be doing more work with Hoyt&Company?

I will definatly be doing more work with them. Thanks Hoyt for everthing. Everyone likes top quality products as much as they like top quality customer service. Time and again Hoyt & Company exceeds in both fields ensuring long lasting satisfaction with the best quality logoing to match.

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