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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Hunter's Mark count as extra damage?

The damage of Hunter's Mark is "extra 1d6 damage". Being "extra" means it becomes part of something else (specifically, the weapon attack), and not dealt independently by the spell itself. Being part of a weapon attack, this untyped extra damage assumes the damage type of the weapon attack.

How does the Hunter's Mark work?

The Hunter's Mark damage is from a spell (i.e. magical) therefore it bypasses immunity. ... Until the spell ends, you deal an extra 1d6 damage to the target whenever you hit it with a weapon attack ...

Is Hunter’s mark good for Ranger?

The secondary effects of Hunter’s Mark can be useful while tracking a target. But this is a very situational ability. It goes well with the tracking skills of the ranger, both mechanically and thematically, but again, those are situational. The primary effect is the additional 1d6 damage per attack.

Is Hunter’s mark a good spell?

So a nice additional bonus to a spell that is already good with its first effect. Hunter’s Mark is an exclusive Ranger spell, meant to serve as a spell built for them, with their few spell slots from being a half-caster class.

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