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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Hunter's Mark in Hollow Knight?

Hunter's Mark in Hollow Knight is an achievement that is given by The Hunter if a player meets a certain condition. This unlocks the True Hunter achievement only if The Knight successfully completes each and every entry in the Hunter's Journal. Join the page discussion Tired of anon posting?

Where can I find the Hunter's Mark?

Menderbug is located beneath the well in the Forgotten Crossroads. There is an unused key found in the game files named Mender_Key. It is implied in cut text that Menderbug would drop this unused key called an "Odd Key" that would probably then allow access into his house. Killing Menderbug is not needed in order to acquire the Hunter's Mark.

How do I unlock the Hunter's Mark?

After you've unlocked the Keen Hunter achievement and then killed enough of each enemy to unlock all of the Hunter's notes, return to the Hunter and he will give you the Hunter's Mark, at which point this achievement will unlock. Showing all 4 comments. Leave a comment.

How do I get the Hunter's Mark and true hunter achievement?

When he is first approached, he roars menacingly, and if the Knight still approaches him, he gives them the Hunter's Journal and tasks them with completing the Journal by killing or defeating a specified number of each enemy. When the Hunter's Journal is complete, returning to the Hunter awards the Hunter's Mark and the True Hunter achievement .

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