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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Hunter's Mark macro work?

First off, the macro operates mainly off of mouseover targets; however, it will use your current target if you do not have a mouseover selected. Here's what it does in order: Cast's Hunter's Mark on your mouseover target, or current target if no mouseover exists. Targets your mouseover target. *This will not happen if you are holding a modifier*

What is Hunter’s Mark?

Hunter’s Mark - Apply Hunter’s Mark to the target, increasing all damage you deal to the marked target by 5%. The target can causing the target to always be seen and tracked by the Hunter. Only one Hunter’s Mark can be applied at a time. The cooldown of Hunter’s Mark is reset if the target dies. No more cooldown either.

Does hunterhunter's Mark trigger aimed shot?

Hunter’s Mark will trigger the global cooldown, so your macro won’t be able to immediately cast any other abilities that are also affected by the global cooldown (like Aimed Shot). To get two or more abilities to fire off with a single keypress, only one can be on the global cooldown. For instance, you can have a macro that does

Can You macro Hunter Mark on pet attack?

Hunter’s Mark is on the GCD and has a Cooldown. You can macro it to Pet Attack but that is about the only recommended macro situation. Hunter Mark’s use now is purely cosmetic and anti-stealth. Ghorak-laughing-skull

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