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Frequently Asked Questions

Who was at Hunter Biden's Art Preview?

Garcetti was not the only political attendee at Hunter Biden's art preview. Michael Tubbs -- a former mayor of Stockton, California, who is now a special adviser to California Gov. Gavin Newsom -- posed with the President's son for a picture at the show.

Will Hunter Biden exhibit at Georges Bergés Gallery in Los Angeles?

The Georges Bergés Gallery had previously indicated that Hunter Biden would take part in a preview of his work in Los Angeles this fall, but details about attendees, an exhibition date and a venue were not made public.

Can you see Joe Biden's art at the Brooklyn Museum?

The art gallery utilized a team of lawyers to vet anyone who desired to see the show, making it nearly impossible for normal visitors to attend the event. Some who were denied access to the event had to peer inside through the windows to get a glimpse of Biden's art, according to the New York Post.

Is Hunter Biden's art worth $500K?

News of Hunter Biden's burgeoning art career and the prices of his artworks raised alarms among ethics experts expressing concern over whether individuals would purchase the art to gain influence with the President. The pieces were expected to be priced between $75,000 and $500,000 -- largely seen as steep for an artistic debut.

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