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Frequently Asked Questions

How much would you pay for Hunter Biden's art?

The gallery is planning to sell 15 works by Hunter Biden, and is asking as much as $500,000 apiece. The prices — which are high for a novice artist — have raised questions in Washington about whether the works might attract buyers seeking to curry favor with the Biden White House.

What does Joe Biden’s artwork look like?

This Biden art work is titled 'Self portrait' and is a mix media work on paper that measures 48in x 32in. When he was asked for his father thought of his artwork, Biden said: 'My dad loves everything that I do and so I'll leave it at that.'

Why is Hunter Hunter's art up for auction?

Hunter's art has, of late, received a lot of attention -- for all the wrong reasons. Some of his pieces are set to go up for auction and the White House has been forced to deal with ethics questions about people buying the artwork for huge sums as a way to curry favor with President Joe Biden.

Why does Hunter Biden paint?

Cillizza: In an interview earlier this year with Artnet, Hunter Biden said he paints "to bring forth, what is, I think, the universal truth." What do you make of his work, seen through that light?

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