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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does Hunter Biden’s art cost?

Prices for Hunter’s art range from $75,000 for works on paper to half a million bucks for his large paintings, his Soho art dealer, Georges Berges — who once served jail time for assault with a deadly weapon — told artnet. Art dealer Alex Acevedo was impressed with Hunter Biden’s paintings.

What is Hunter Biden famous for?

The Name Is Biden. Hunter Biden, his name forever linked to President Trump’s impeachment, says painting “is literally keeping me sane” after years of addiction and poor choices. Hunter Biden, surrounded by his work, in his Los Angeles art studio.

What does Hunter Biden wear?

Elizabeth Weinberg for The New York Times LOS ANGELES — Dressed in Oxford boots, jeans and a long sleeve T-shirt, Hunter Biden ushered a reporter down a stone walkway, into a pool house-turned-art studio in the Hollywood Hills.

What should the White House have done about Joe Biden's art?

Richard Painter, the former chief ethics lawyer to President George W. Bush, told CNN the White House should have taken a different approach with the art sales -- either preventing Biden from selling the art while his father is in office or being more transparent about who purchased the art and requiring their recusal.

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