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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does Hunter Bidens art cost?

bidens flower Art Print By Danielhand From $29.14 Tags: illustration art, art painting, famous art, hunter biden, hunter biden painting, artistic, special color Art illustration by hunter biden Art Print By Timos900 From $45.32 Tags: hunter biden, illustration art fashion celebrity art love hands art life art Hunter biden painting. Art Print

Does Hunter Biden paint from emotion or feeling?

A Hunter Biden painting of a flower. “If you stand in front of a Rothko, the things that he evokes go far beyond the pain that Rothko was experiencing in his personal life at that moment,’’ said Hunter, invoking abstract-painting legend Mark Rothko. “I don’t paint from emotion or feeling, which I think are both very ephemeral,” Hunter said.

Who are Joe Biden’s Kids?

On Oct. 1, the 51-year-old son of the president joined a crowd of 200 people at an exhibition held at Hollywood's Milk Studios, where he was joined by his wife Melissa and two of his daughters, Naomi Biden, 27, and Maisy Biden, 20, according to the Daily Mail.

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