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Will a special counsel investigate Biden’s son Hunter Biden?

Colorado Republican Congressman Ken Buck re-issued his demand that the Department of Justice (DOJ) appoint a special counsel to investigate foreign financial interests surrounding President Joe Biden’s son, Hunter.

Will Merrick Garland investigate Hunter Biden’s art sales?

Attorney General Merrick Garland was pressed Thursday to appoint a special counsel to investigate the art sales of President Biden’s scandal-scarred son Hunter — whose novice works are set to be sold for upward of $500,000.

Is the FBI investigating Joe Biden’s associates?

NBC News has not confirmed any such investigation. Rosen also reported that the FBI interviewed former Biden associate Bobulinski last week. A senior law enforcement official told NBC News that Bobulinski initiated the interview.

Why didn’t the Journal do anything about Hunter Biden’s China Deal proposal?

The Journal didn’t do that. The Journal published a story focusing on claims about an alleged deal proposal in China — claims made by a former Hunter Biden associate named Tony Bobulinski, who came forward after the laptop story broke to say that the senior Biden was well aware of his son’s arrangements.

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