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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Hunter Biden and why is he trending?

Hunter Biden is the president's second son, a Yale-trained lawyer and a lobbyist, whose well-publicized drug problems, personal scandals and business dealings seem to have kept him in the headlines for all the wrong reasons. "There's a current Department of Justice investigation into your finances," Smith said.

What did Fox News ask James Biden?

In the wake of a bombshell 2020 "Tucker Carlson Tonight" interview with one of Hunter's former business partners, Tony Bobulinski, Fox News attempted to ask James Biden – younger brother of the president – about the family's foreign dealings.

Who is Hunter Biden's'superchairman'?

First son Hunter Biden reportedly had such a strong relationship with a Xi regime-linked Chinese businessman that he dubbed him the "Superchairman," according to Goverment Accountability Institute President Peter Schweizer.

When is Hunter Biden’s book about divorce coming out?

The book, due out June 14, will be the first time Hunter's ex-wife has made any public comment about their divorce or its aftermath, though some of their split did play out in the courts.

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