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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Hunter Biden’s wife?

Here’s what you need to know about Hunter’s romantic history: Facebook Hunter Biden’s wife, Melissa Cohen. Hunter is newly married to Melissa Cohen. It was a surprise wedding. The New Yorker describes how Hunter and Cohen have matching tattoos (“shalom” in Hebrew), which he got only days after meeting her.

What happened to Hunter Biden’s past when he first met Melissa?

When Hunter first met Melissa, he leveled with her about his past, including the tragic deaths of his mother, sister and brother, decades of struggling with addiction and a turbulent divorce. And yet, they are ready to face the future together.

When is Hunter Biden’s book about divorce coming out?

The book, due out June 14, will be the first time Hunter's ex-wife has made any public comment about their divorce or its aftermath, though some of their split did play out in the courts.

Did Joe Biden’s ex-wife Melissa Cohen date Hallie Biden?

After a surprise wedding, people are wondering who exactly was able to snag the heart of the recently divorced Biden son, who more recently dated Hallie Biden, the widow of his late brother Beau. Melissa Cohen is a South African-born divorcée who now lives in Los Angeles. Here she is hitting the beach in a bikini.

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