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What happened to Hunter Biden's laptop?

Biden left the laptop at a computer repair shop in his father’s home state of Delaware and never returned for it. Another photo appears to show Hunter asleep in a bed with a crack pipe next to him, and another shows him on a bed with two naked women and a small fluffy dog.

What do Hunter Biden’s emails reveal about Beau Biden?

Hunter and Beau Biden in 2015. Hunter Biden’s emails and texts show not just a politician’s troubled son angling for lucrative overseas business deals — they also reveal a concerned father, a fun-loving friend and a man tortured by the deaths that have devastated his family.

Did Hunter Biden's therapist joke about President Biden having dementia?

A new book about Hunter Biden's infamous laptop reveals that Hunter and his therapist exchanged text messages in 2019 joking about President Biden having dementia.

What happened to Hunter Biden's teeth?

Hunter Biden’s filed down teeth readied for work as he sits in a dental chair after years as a crack addict. Hunter Biden spiralled out of control on crack and vodka while his father was vice president.

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