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Frequently Asked Questions

Who will buy Hunter Biden’s art?

White House Sets Ethics Plan for Sales of Hunter Biden’s Art The president’s son will be able to sell his paintings through a New York dealer, who will not disclose the buyers or the prices. Hunter Biden in his Los Angeles art studio in 2019. Elizabeth Weinberg for The New York Times

Is Biden’s art showing in New York to protect him from ethics?

A New York gallery is preparing to show and sell his work, prompting the White House to announce an arrangement aimed at insulating President Biden and his son from ethical pitfalls. But the arrangement is not convincing experts in the art world or government ethics.

Why does Hunter Biden like to paint?

Hunter Biden has described painting as a form of therapy after a history of addiction to drugs and alcohol. Painting “is literally keeping me sane,” he told The New York Times last year.

How much does Joe Biden's art cost?

The gallerist, Georges Bergès, has praised Biden's skill as an artist and said the works on paper and canvas will be priced at between $75,000 and $500,000 each. The president's son earned notoriety over his consulting work for a Ukrainian gas company and other business arrangements that appeared to capitalize on the Biden name.

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