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Frequently Asked Questions

How much did Hunter Biden sell his art for?

Hunter Biden has sold at least five prints of his artwork for $75,000 each as a team of lawyers works to vet people who plan to attend his spring gallery show in New York City . The prints were sold from Georges Berges Gallery in Los Angeles before the Oct. 1 opening of his pop-up presentation.

What does Joe Biden’s artwork look like?

This Biden art work is titled 'Self portrait' and is a mix media work on paper that measures 48in x 32in. When he was asked for his father thought of his artwork, Biden said: 'My dad loves everything that I do and so I'll leave it at that.'

Does the White House know who's buying your art?

The White House Says It Won’t Know Who’s Buying. A Gallery Sells Hunter Bidens. The White House Says It Won’t Know Who’s Buying. Hunter Biden’s works are being offered for as much as $500,000 apiece; his art dealer said he would follow ethics guidelines that the Biden administration helped to develop.

Will Hunter Biden's private career put him at risk?

Hunter Biden’s efforts at a private career have already placed him under scrutiny, especially from his father’s political opponents. Former President Donald J. Trump’s request for foreign help to investigate Hunter Biden’s role with a Ukrainian gas company, Burisma, set Mr. Trump’s first impeachment in motion.

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