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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose Hunter Douglas High Performance acoustical ceilings?

Hunter Douglas high performance acoustical ceiling products are the best solution to deliver outstanding acoustic performance, comfort and an aesthetically pleasing environment. With the Luxalon 300C/ 300L Wide Panel system an absorption value (αw) 0.75 can be obtained, depending on the ceiling and panel configuration.

Why choose a 300C ceiling system?

Long, uninterrupted panel lengths make our 300C ceiling system a good choice to make a big impression. With a variety of lengths and widths and a concealed suspension system, 300C panels create a clean appearance in interior and exterior applications. This ceiling system is designed to withstand wind loads in exterior environments.

Where can 300300c panels be used?

300C/ 300L Wide Ceiling Panels are suitable for all building sectors. These include corporate, transport (airports, metro, bus & train stations), retail, leisure, public space, hospitality, healthcare, education & residential environments. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

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