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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you remove Hunter Douglas shades?

Remove the Hunter Douglas blinds from the window by gently popping them out of the spring brackets that attach them to the wall. Raise the blinds to about 6 inches below the top slat, or head rail. Place your thumbs at the bottom of the head rail toward the window side.

Where is Hunter Douglas headquarters?

The Hunter Douglas Group is headquartered in Rotterdam, The Netherlands and operates in 100 countries with over 23,000 employees. The company is a public corporation that is listed on the Amsterdam Stock Exchange. It is worth noting that Hunter Douglas Metals is an Associate Trade Clearing Member of the London Metal Exchange.

What is Hunter Douglas silhouette?

Silhouette Ultraviolet Protection. Hunter Douglas Silhouette Window Shadings provide the light control of a blind, the easy operation of a shade, and the soft, light-filtering translucence of a sheer curtain. Silhouette window shadings are extremely flexible. They can light up a room or blend into existing decor.

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