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Frequently Asked Questions

Can my Duette or applause easyrise shades be repaired?

Learn how to complete repairs for Duette and Applause EasyRise shades manufactured before September 2003. Select the repair instructions needed below. If you are in need of a repair that is not listed, please work through your original dealer.

What is Duette duolite ®?

Unparalleled darkness, when you need it most. Give yourself ultimate control with Duette Duolite ®, which combines two fabrics—one light filtering, the other room darkening—into a single shade. It’s the ideal option for experimenting with light and privacy.

Why choose Duette ® honeycomb shades?

Duette ® Honeycomb Shades perfectly diffuse light and provide extraordinary, energy-efficient comfort throughout your home—no matter the season. Our signature Duette ® Honeycomb Shades offer the most expansive range of options in the industry.

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